Move Your Body Monday: 20 rep Core Blast!

This morning I needed something to boost my energy and for some reason feeling the fire in my core is often the perfect remedy. Sometimes you just have to get up and MOVE! This workout sure got my blood flowing, heart rate up, and left me super sweaty.

photo 1 copy

Give it a try if you need a little pick-me-up, or a core burner to end a session of lifting at the gym.

Repeat this sequence through 2-4 times, depending on desired length!

20 lying leg raises

20 leg in and outs: lying on the ground, extend legs out straight then pull them in folded against your torso. repeat.

20 flutterkicks

20 crunches

20 side crunches, each side

20 supermans: in plank position, bring leg in to touch your knee to your elbow. repeat, alternating sides.

20 seconds static plank

rest for 20 seconds and REPEAT!

I love quick workouts that can be done at home, so I’m thinking of doing a post like this once a week on Mondays. Let me know what you think!

xo, Sarah

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